From the moment I entered the workforce as an apprentice chef at the age 16, cleaning was something that I didn't just have to do, but loved to do. The transformation that can occur in a room or a business that's left sparkling clean just leaves a real smile on my face.

After being made redundant from the mining industry, I found working for myself just made sense. I always wanted to be my own boss and I figured, it's a cleaning business - how hard can it be?

Fast forward five years and things are very different for me now. I've grown my cleaning business from just me to having 35 cleaners, servicing 100+ clients across the Hunter Valley area and the business is turning over multiple six figures.

In saying this, my new passion is guiding others to achieve their dreams. To watch and sometimes coach people start and grow their own business and hiring employees... is just magical for me to be apart of.

I work with people from all walks of life to create a proper and profitable business.

So why not say YES to yourself and take control of your finances and future today. A cleaning business is something you could have up and running within a week. 



In this course, you will learn absolutely everything you need to know in order to start and grow a thriving business. The course is made of 10 easily digested modules containing easy to follow videos and content. That's a lot of bite size pieces, secrets and tricks of the trade that you can learn and earn within a very short amount of time.

The course is designed to be done as quickly or slowly as you choose. Some students actually start earning money and acquiring clients before they've even finished the course! They go on to complete the course as they build their business.

Some of the topics that we cover are: 

  • Why you go into business
  • What choices you have
  • Legal setup
  • Mission Vision Values
  • Setting up a bank accounts and accounting
  • Your cleaning kit and how to order, restock and manage chemicals and equipment
  • Growing your bank account and then hiring staff legally, ethically and productively

We also take you through financial management:

  • how to budget
  • how to grow
  • how to get the best from your tax
  • how to market your business
  • how to serve your customers
  • conducting bond cleans.

We also talk about how to keep yourself healthy and in your body and mind and growing as a business owner.

Our Facebook page provides the opportunity for a tribe of like-minded individuals. It's a community like no other where we support and help each other through the business navigation.