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"Fantastic! Never cleaned an aircon before so this is all great information" - CC

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Undertaking a bond clean is challenging, but it shouldn't have to be.

Train & upskill your team with ease

Never worry about whether your team is performing a bond clean to the standard a tenant or real estate expects

Understand and plan a perfect bond clean every time

Develop a simple step-by-step process that your team can follow with the correct tools and execution

Become the #1 go-to cleaning business for bond cleans

Create a superior service like nothing else in your region. 

Meet Your Course Instructor


My name is Fiona Morris and I am the Director of Start My Cleaning Biz. An all-inclusive online training platform that helps passionate cleaning businesses begin their journey as profitable businesses.


I have built this online course from 15 years of experience as a cleaner, conducting over 500 bond cleans with my first one undertaken at just 8 years of age. Having run a cleaning business in the Hunter Valley with over 35 staff. And now currently running a successful cleaning business in Newcastle.

Over my years of experience, my team and I have built an all-inclusive training platform for cleaning businesses that want to pursue a profitable and strategic approach to undergoing bond cleans.

The first of its kind in Australia, I give you all the tools you need to be successful without the stress and headaches of learning it by yourself.

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- Glen K

"Great tips in putting together a bond cleaning kit. My business exclusively does bond cleaning and turned over $485,000 in my first year working with Fiona"

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What some of our students are saying:


"Thanks, Fiona I loved watching this. It's great to know that I am on the right track with bond cleans, but I have learned a lot more tips and products to help along the way - I never knew a sink was just sitting in a hole"

Want to know why most of the strategies you've probably already tried DIDN'T work?

Here is why it probably

didn't work:

  • Because cleaning business owners want to do everything PERFECTLY, and perfectly isn't profitable.
  • You can actually lose money trying to aim for perfection and the agent calls you back anyway.
  • Because most programs focus on the skills, but never how to practically apply them to a bond clean.
  • Most training never teaches you how to manage both agent and tenant expectations
  • Your staff do not know the expectations 

This program guarantees to get you the results you want because:

  • It was built by cleaners, for cleaners.
  • It focuses on the whole package of preparing, undertaking & managing a bond clean, not just the skills.
  • We have a system that is tried and tested through over 500 bond cleans.
  • Access to templates, processes, checklists and more that you can use on your bond cleans RIGHT NOW.

Bond Cleans Overview:

  • Welcome



Before the clean:

  • Items left in the house
  • Items that stay in the house
  • How to use a vacuum correctly

Chemicals and equipment:

  • The chemicals you need
  • The equipment you need

The level one clean:

  • What is the level one clean
  • Dusting
  • Doing the level one

Air Conditioners:

  • Overview of an air conditioner
  • Initial clean of the air conditioner
  • Cleaning the filters
  • Taking the front of the air conditioner off
  • Cleaning the front of the air conditioner
  • Before and after videos

Walls and doors:

  • Cleaning walls
  • Scraping
  • Cleaning the door and door frames
  • Using a magic eraser

Windows and shutters:

  • Taking windows and screens out to clean them
  • Cleaning glass
  • Polishing glass 
  • Cleaning shutters
  • Polishing shutters
  • Exterior screens

The oven:

  • Preparing to clean the oven
  • Removing the racks and the seal from the oven 
  • Spraying the oven
  • Cleaning the trays
  • Removing the chemical and scrubbing the oven
  • Polishing the oven
  • Protecting the surrounds of the oven

Bathroom and laundry:

  • Level one bathroom clean
  • Vacuuming under draws
  • Cleaning the shower
  • Cleaning the bathroom sink
  • Cleaning the laundry sink


  • Spraying the carpet
  • Steam cleaning the carpets
  • Vacuuming the carpets

PLUS! receive $2,012 worth of bonus templates, checklists & procedures.

Quoting spreadsheet

Bond cleaning checklist

Fixtures & fittings cleaning procedure

The vertical blind cleaning procedure

Walls, doors & door frame cleaning procedure

Wall washing kit

The external pressure cleaning procedure

Window cleaning procedure

Window cleaning kit

Bathroom procedure

Bathroom cleaning kit

Kitchen cleaning procedure

Kitchen cleaning kit

Level one kit


"Great info. So many products out there, but just need what you have suggested without bringing 5000 things 🤣 "


Bond Cleans Like A Boss For Business Owners


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