Cleaning an Oven Like a Pro 

Are you sick of being called back to cleans because of the oven?


In this course, we show you how to:

  • Take the oven apart
  • Scrub the oven
  • Rinse the oven
  • And polish the oven


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If you're sick of being called back about the oven not being properly cleaned, purchase our Oven Cleaning course today and never have this problem again!

Meet Your Course Instructor

Fiona is our head trainer and Director at Start My Cleaning Biz. She has been in the cleaning industry for over 20 years and has perfected the art of cleaning an oven. She has tried and tested many different methods and she has found one that really works!

She shows you exactly how to do this throughout this course. 

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What you'll learn throughout this course:

The Preparation

  • Setting up your equipment
  • Removing the racks and seal from the oven

Cleaning the Oven

  • Spraying the oven
  • Cleaning the trays
  • Removing the chemical and scrubbing the oven
  • Wiping the chemical off the oven
  • Rinsing the oven before polishing

Finalising the Oven

  • Polishing the oven
  • Putting the seal back on

Cleaning an Oven Like a Pro


  • Instructional videos showing you how to clean an oven from start to finish
  • 24/7 access to the course.
  • Immediate Access
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3 Part Oven Cleaning Checklist

This checklist tells you when to complete the different stages of an oven clean. It also includes a shopping list of the items that you'll need. 

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