Crystal Clear Glass Cleaning


Learn how to get crystal clear glass ever single time!


We show you how to clean glass using 3 different methods:

  • Using a waterfed pole
  • Cleaning glass by hand
  • Cleaning glass with lambswool
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Are you sick of streaky glass? 

Throughout this course, we show you 3 different methods that you can use to get perfect, streak free glass every time. 

What you'll learn:

How to use a waterfed pole to clean hard to reach glass on the outside of a building. 

How to do a quick clean by hand when you're out of time or you don't have the right equipment.

How to remove marks and streaks on glass using a lambswool cleaner and a squeegee. 

Meet Your Course Instructor

Fiona is the head trainer and owner of Start My Cleaning Biz. She has been cleaning for 15 years and has tried and tested every method of cleaning glass. She has settled on 3 different methods that really WORK and she shows you how to do them all throughout this course. 

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Crystal Clear Glass Cleaning


  • 3 modules with instructional videos showing you how to clean glass using 3 different methods
  • 24/7 access to the course
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