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It is 100% Possible To Achieve A Healthy Work-Life Balance. Guidance Is All You Have Been Missing!

Work always seems to be the priority, but have you ever stopped to consider how your health & well-being has been impacted from such a demanding career?

When you have no balance or nurturing of your mental and physical health, you are minimally motivated, have zero energy and feel unfulfilled in yourself and your work.

You in particular may struggle to take care of your physical health, and cognitive well-being, and find the balance between your cleaning career and lifestyle. 

GRIT’s Happy and Healthy guide reinspires you, giving you the secret on how to do it all; feel physically fit, dish up clean and delicious food, while restoring the balance to your career and lifestyle. 

By tending to the 5 key pillars of health; hydration, nutrition, exercise, sleep and connection, you will always excel in your work. Having a new found energy and motivation for each day. Do it not only for your clients but for yourself - you deserve it.  

Meet Your Course Instructors

Meet the team from GRIT Nutrition & Start My Cleaning Biz.

Brodie is a Crossfit coach, Certified Precision Nutrition sports and exercise coach and a lover of all things food, nutrition, health and wellness. Dedicated to living a happy and healthy lifestyle she is fully committed to training, and nutrition and sees food as fuel to nourish the body to perform at its best capability. 

Fiona & Jess from Start My Cleaning Biz have dedicated their lives to improving the cleaning industry by developing not only tools for cleaning businesses to run effective and profitable companies. But now also focusing on improving the health and wellness of cleaners in the industry which has been lacking for so long!

More About Brodie Here!

Transform Your Life & Your Business!

After years of neglecting her mental and physical health Fiona found herself overwhelmed, overworked and burnt out. After finding Brodie, losing 63kgs, working on her mental health whilst riding the rollercoaster of emotions that came along with it-  Fiona is living proof that the healthier you are, the happier you are!


Module 01: The Importance of Hydration

When your body is happy and hydrated, it helps to regulate temperature, keep eyes, nose and mouth moist, lubricate joints, flushes kidneys, carries oxygen and nutrients, helps to dissolve minerals and nutrients, protects organs and tissues. 

Module 02: The Importance Of Nutrition

Not only can a healthy diet give you more energy for your day to day, but it also promotes healthy gut bacteria that sends ‘feel good’ signals to your brain. This can help you create a healthy mindset and motivation to maintain a lifestyle that supports your well-being.

Module 03: The Importance of Exercise

It is proven that moving your muscles produces endorphins and a chemical that helps the brain deal with stress. With our collaboration to create GRIT, we have devised an easy guide to follow and ignite this healthy routine. 

Module 04: The Importance of Sleep

A crucial element in improving your energy levels and overall well-being is your sleep. Discover what affects your sleep patterns and how to improve the quality of sleep you have each night.

Module 05: Connection

Mentally unwinding can reduce stress and anxiety as well as increase your energy and concentration.  We often see failing cleaning businesses and super stressed out owners - they have no spiritual or deep inner connection to the most important person in their world

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