Each of the courses and programs was designed with the industry best practice in mind and written by Fiona who has over 15 years cleaning and business experience. 


This entry level program addresses what you need to consider when entering the cleaning industry. We start with a overview of the cleaning industry as a whole before diving deeper into the different areas within the industry as well as whether you should be a contractor or a business owner.

We've been told it's the perfect starting point for people new to the industry. This way you can make an informed decision to start in the industry.



The coaching club was specifically designed for the budding cleaning business owner who is ready to scale their business.  

There are LEVELS for every budget and cost about a cup of coffee a day to make more profit - sounds good to us !. 

Deciding on where you want to take your business will depend on what level of Coaching Club is the best fit for you so we invite you to book a call with Fiona. 



Biz Launcher is our Flagship program and has been designed to show you how to launch a cleaning business, how to grow the business with a team and how to do it so that it is a very profitable and thriving cleaning business that can operate without you.

The course information is delivered in very easy to follow, step by step modules each with simple instructions to ensure you have everything you need to be successful.



Start My Cleaning Biz has a range of short courses that focus on different skills and aspects of not just cleaning, but also your own personal wellbeing. 

These courses are designed to be done in a shorter amount of time and focus on just one subject. 

View all of our Short Courses below.




It felt like Fiona and the whole team at "Start my Cleaning Biz" were with me every single day - their support is so good, never did I think I would earn $2000 a week for myself - Louise


I was really concerned about spending the money as I have done courses in the past and they didn't work but this course was different. Very detailed but easy for me to understand and get started - Glenn


Fiona is the most knowledgeable person I've ever met, its like having a manual in my pocket and her advice is spot on. My only regret is not finding her sooner - Cindy