UN😡K Your Business


We invite you to join our 6-week challenge! Together, we will identify the 6 core foundations you need to tend to in order for your business to thrive - just in time for one of the busiest seasons of the year!


Discover The 6 Core Foundations Of Your Cleaning Biz:

  • Leadership
  • Finance
  • Clients
  • Systems
  • Marketing
  • Team


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It Is 100% Possible To Build A Successful Cleaning Business. All You Need Is A Little Guidance.

Week 01: Leadership

The first core foundation you need in order to Un-🤬 your business is leadership 💪🏼
You need to be a strong presence within your business, someone who provides guidance, vision, and clear communication and is able to embrace change. A great leader will continually learn about their industry, have realistic expectations and help their staff grow into better employees. Are you prepared to understand what it takes to be a great leader?

Week 02: Finances

Admin is always the most tedious part of running your own business - but guess what? How else will you grow into a 7 figure business and live the dream? While it’s great to have a good accountant, you must have your own financial literacy and in this course, we teach you how. It is ideal that you train staff on how to correctly use chemicals and products so you aren’t resulting in over spending on inventory because of mishandling. Learn how to best approach your finances.

Week 03: Clients

Your clients keep your business going - they are your biggest asset! Without a solid client base, your business is guaranteed to fail. You need to be able to assess effectively when it’s time to acquire new clients for growth while having the ability to maintain healthy relationships with your regulars. If you’re unable to do that, then you’ll stunt the growth of your own business. We will teach you how to attract A-class clients and get the BCD clients in line.

Week 04: Systems

When your business grows from just yourself to then accruing staff, you will find that without structured systems in place SO much can go astray. It may cost you time, but implementing a solid strategy for how jobs are onboarded through to managing inventory will ensure you are smooth sailing and can have the freedom to GENUINELY have a weekend to rest and recover. Structured systems can allow you to trust your staff and create accountability amongst the team, making a happy working environment.

Week 05: Marketing

You are using marketing to your advantage to get your business out of the red and get noticed by potential clients. There are so many ways to advertise your business that are budget friendly like; Google Ads, and Facebook Ads as well as posting on free platforms like Gumtree and LinkedIn. Through building up your presence on these platforms, when someone needs a cleaner all they will think of is YOU! By using marketing, you are able to build trust with potential clients by giving them proof of just how good your business is!

Week 06: Team

Some of your biggest supporters are within your very own team. You can’t forget that they’re here to help your business succeed. So giving them a roadmap to be the best at what they do will only ever benefit you. Providing in-depth training, and incentives and creating a rich work environment will drive your employees and lead them to love what they do. This positive attitude will be broadcast to potential and current clients, only building a positive reputation for your business. In this area, our Hiring Killer Cleaners blueprint is an exceptional way to find the right people for the job.

Un-🤬 Your Business Challenge


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