Meet Fiona our Founder and Lead Coach

Fiona Morris is our lead coach and the Founder of Start My Cleaning Biz, by trade she is a trainer assessor in the cleaning sector and by night she runs a successful cleaning business. Helping people enter the cleaning industry and start up a cleaning business from scratch is her passion.

She holds qualifications in Cleaning and Business along with her training and assessment and coaching qualifications

SO here is TEN random things about Fiona 

💥 I hate mushrooms - I tell people I'm deathly allergic or they put them on anyway

💥 I have a 19 year old son who is the absolute apple of my eye

💥 I live in Newcastle with my partner of two years Pete or as we all call him Sweet Pete as he is the kindest ever

💥 I love my 4wd Bertha and Camper Stella more than most humans should

💥 I love dogs - am about to be mum to a fluffy little lady cavoodle who is 6 weeks and coming home in 2

💥 I believe everyone has the right to independent income and that running our own business is out birth right - I'm building my 6th business right now

💥 I love fishing - I love catching more lol

💥 I'm a plant lover but am yet to learn how to make them live past two months

💥 I have worked since 13 and believe strongly in various streams of income 

💥 Pineapple belongs on pizza - capsicum is a no for me


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