6 cleaning items that (sob!) also need to be cleaned

cleaning Nov 24, 2020

Monica Geller, Courtney Cox’s character from the hit 1990s sitcom, Friends, first introduced me to the concept that cleaning equipment needs to be cleaned, too.

It pains me to say that – while she’s perhaps at times a little extreme – Monica is right.

Here are six cleaning items that actually need their own cleaning regimes. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

1. The Monica-inspired vacuum cleaner… clean

The Friends gang once walked in on Monica cleaning her vacuum with a dust-buster.*

When I first saw this episode, I was horrified. However, I also know an over-full, neglected vacuum cleaner can make a room dirtier – rather than cleaner.

2. Dastardly dirt-gathering dishwasher

One of the lowest points of my domestic life was discovering the ‘black rubber strip’ along the edge of my dishwasher’s door was actually grime.

Newer models are unlikely to ever sink to this level of filth, but all dishwashers need...

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