Naming Your Business - What who and omg HOW???


.....I remember thinking about my Business Name for wayyyyyy to long, basically I went mad over it! And then guess what I did - CHANGED IT LATER  ..there are so many more important things to focus on but no matter what you call it - don't have your NAME IN IT!!!!!  

Now don't get me wrong, your name is important, but not so important you should stop thinking of bigger items. I like to think the best way is to research, due diligence and then action - so below is how to go about choosing the right name for your cleaning business....

There are lots of cleaning companies out there and one of the best ways to make your company stand out is a great name!! You want it to be unique, catchy, and memorable. It’s also important to get a name that can be branded well and gives the appearance of a professional cleaning service. Recently I helped someone call their business "NewAve Cleaning or New way of cleaning !!" see what we did there?

When choosing a name for your business, I would recommend using the cleaning terminologies that helps brand recognition and search engine optimization. Example is clean, cleaning, SPARKLE, shine and so on.

 Here are a few tips you can use when choosing a name for your business.

  1. Choose a name that reflects your value. Jot down a list of words that you want customers to think or feel when they use your business.

  2. Make your business name easy to remember, easy to spell and understand. A lot of cleaning businesses rely on word of mouth for marketing and lead generation to sell their cleaning services. In order for that to work for you, your name has to be easy to remember. Your clients will have a hard time referring you if they can’t remember your name.

  3. Make sure that the name is available for you to use. Do a Google search with your new business name to see what comes up on the first page. This is to make sure there are no very similar business names that would compete with you or confuse website searchers.

  4. Make sure its available at - do a name search and see what you can use, then check email and facebook too!

 Check out the links on our Ten Point Quick Start Guide

Fiona xx


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