How To Make More Profit In Your Cleaning Business

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2021

 Let me start by saying this – profit is NOT a dirty word 


You’re not greedy

You are not overcharging

PROFIT is the key indicator of a business’s health


If you are not making money and paying taxes, you are not a business.....

Sole trader or overworked contractor?... probably. Profit is the ONLY place we can grow a business from. For many years I have seen it argued that being value for money and being competitive is important and we could argue all day long about value. It’s so subjective.

Also, do not go saying more cleaning customers means more cleaning profit because if you have lots of cleaning clients and aren’t profitable, it still wont work.


I remember when I realized we weren’t profitable. The staff were paid, weekly bills paid, suppliers mostly paid, we then paid ourselves and lived and spent money on cleaning stuff. Then the BAS came and there was no money, then the super bill and the problem snow balled.


If you have ever been unable to pay your bills, you know that the sick feeling and the stress turns into poor decisions.


There are so many easy steps to becoming profitable but they all hinge on your believing in your business and that profitable is better than perfect – there is no point delivering non profitable 10/10 cleans. A profitable 8/10 is much better.


Now there are a few indicators you may not be ok and may need help:

  • You can’t tell me your hourly rate
  • You can’t tell me your profit per hour
  • You don’t know your direct cost %
  • You don’t know your indirect costs
  • You haven’t been doing you monthly P&L
  • You've run late on your tax or BAS
  • Super is overdue


Don’t be alone


And say after me

“profit is good”

“I deserve Money”

“my business is worth every cent”


Now go makes loads of cash you bloody legend!


Fiona xxx


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