Pre Sale Cleaning - getting the best outcome

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2021

Preparing for sale there are key things a purchaser looks for when it comes to the cleaning and the presentation. There is the usual suspects like a clean bathroom and windows - but then there are things that we don't realize put a buyer off

What to do :
1. Clutter - remove all clutter possible and have nice clean surfaces
2. Clean out under all sinks and linen presses - buyers will open them and empty clean cupboards are nicer and highlight all the space they get !
3. Appliances - oven dishwasher and exhausts - showing a buyer appliances and electricals have been looked after remove's reasons for the them to argue a lower price.
4. Remove all personal photos and items , clean bedrooms and have lots of space for people to move around, they want to imagine themselves living their and your dirty socks are a reminder they aren't!


when Quoting for a pre sale clean remind the client that you are there for one reason 

Best price available for their property !!!


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